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  2. Review of Agoda.com – View Agoda.com, Prices, Features
  3. Review of Agoda.com – View Agoda.com, Prices, Features

Review of Agoda.com – View Agoda.com, Prices, Features

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Review of aogda.com agoda.com

Available to Book:hotels, vacation packages
Best for: Families or vacationers
Competitive Pricing*: 96
Loyalty Program:Yes
Search Filters: 96
Mobile App: iPhone, Android, Windows

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Bottom Line

Overall, the Agoda.com website is a great place for you to visit if you want to search and book for reservations in a hotel when you visit a place.

Full Review

Agoda.com is one of the biggest and fastest growing online hotel booking platforms in the world today.

It was established in 2005 as a start-up business and has expanded quickly in Asia.
It was then acquired in 2007 by the world's largest seller of rooms online - the Priceline Group - giving them even better services in the years to come. People that do not know of any accommodation they can stay at can find it here at the website.

Rewards Program

The website Agoda.com is a traveler's best friend when it comes to finding hotels and other accommodations in places they plan to visit in the future. The reason for this is because they can search for available accommodations in their website in just a few searches.

The results on these are complete with the photos of the hotel, amenities, exact location and other traveler reviews.

You can read the traveler Agoda.com reviews directly when searching for a hotel here.

Easy Booking Cancellation Policy Worldwide Hotel Reservations Service Website is Easy to Use Filter Hotel Searches by Rating

Booking Process

However, the company holds an F rating at the Better Business Bureau website at this time. This can be because of a couple of reasons that can be read in the Agoda reviews made by their customers there.

First is that there are complaints about how they were being treated by their customer service. Many have filed against them regarding how rude their staff had handled their issues in the past.

The second is that there are issues also with regards to their refund policy that has been filed on the BBB website. Since each hotel will have their separate refund policy, this can be quite confusing and frustrating for customers to handle if they plan to do any cancellations in the future with Agoda.com.

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