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Gunshot Wound Latex Application skin

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Box Contents: 2 Shot injuries and made of high-quality latex, 1 special glue. This latex application, is sure to delight to the mark erschüttern. If you ever really Heftig someone trick-or-treaters on Halloween night you want to glue, been latex shot holes across the forehead or the temple. Then move, walking the shops as normal or visit your friends. What do you believe, such as the Believe their eyes. And the Gestammel a there you... you've got what... ähm... there. Simply beautiful. Best Little Art Blood Drauftupfen and Losjammern, allowing you to take heute so verdammt of headaches has to offer. ... you'll get the shot Total realistic looks of injury, because it is made from high quality latex. With the special glue is attached can be reached in just a few minutes on the skin and you're ready to go with the Schocken. The latex wounds are to the glued Great as contrast, lubricates all types of Hollywood make-up. With instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English).


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