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Bornbayb 10 Pcs Waterproof National Flag Tattoo Stickers Face Body Stickers for Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

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- Material: 175G Water Transfer Sticker
- Features: Waterproof and sweat-proof, breathable performance is good! The pattern is not reflective! High fidelity without skin damage
- Durability: 3-5 days according to individual skin condition
- Size: 60*60mm/2.36*2.36inch
- Leaflet weight: 1.4G/sheet
- Leaflet pattern: single sheet of four stickers, a rectangle, three love
- Packing: OPP bag

Instructions for Use:
Cut off the pattern of the preparation, tear off the surface protective film, stick the front (patterned surface) of the sticker on the skin, completely wet the back of the white paper with water, and gently tear it off after 20 seconds.

Removal Method:
Cleansing oil, unloading nail polish, baby oil or medical alcohol poured on the cotton pad first covered with tattoos for 10 seconds, wipe back and forth, until the pattern completely off, wash with water, wipe the paper towel.


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