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The Time of the End

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The date when Christ's Kingdom will come to earth has been the "Holy Grail" of biblical prophecy since Daniel first inquired. Countless Christians have diligently searched for this hidden treasure. It has escaped the meticulous, chronological study of Sir Isaac Newton and the tomfoolery of Harold Camping. The earliest Christians did not believe, as do most modern Christians, that the date of Christ's return is completely out of reach. They held an eschatology called, "Chiliasm," a view that saw all of human history as a "week" of seven millennia, with the seventh millennium being the coming Kingdom of Christ on earth. This view seems to have been unanimously taught by those who had close connections to the Apostle John. Knowing the year of Jesus' second coming was merely a matter of putting together a biblical chronology from creation. This process would yield the date of His coming in the 6000th year from creation. This book first demonstrates that Chiliasm is both biblical and apostolic. It follows Chiliasm's history and demise, as Amillennialism displaced it from the fourth century onward. Having demonstrated that the Millennial Week theory is correct, the author shows why the early Christian chronologies failed. He then presents his own complete biblical chronology, from creation to the second coming of Christ, drawn exclusively from the data in the Hebrew Bible. This chronology is developed using the Jubilee calendar grid that God gave to Israel, but they never actually followed. Placing the biblical chronological data on this calendar grid yields an amazing symmetry to the biblical historical record, and a number of remarkable coincidences, such as: 1. The death of Noah and birth of Abraham were in the 2000th year from creation, on the 40th Jubilee year. 2. The Exodus from Egypt was in the 2500th year from creation, the 50th Jubilee year (A Jubilee of Jubilees). 3. The decree of Cyrus the Great ending the 70-year Babylonian exile was the year 3500 from creatio


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