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Save the environment, chemical free, and eco friendly!
Wash with no detergent! Save hundreds of dollars a year on expensive detergent!
Easy to use, no more messes.
Say goodbye to detergent!
Box packed in random.
What is Laundry Ball?
A laundry ball is made of eco friendly plastic-TPR, and filled with 3 kinds of ceramic pellets. The pellets can eliminate chlorine from the water supply, kills the germs, odor and mildew, and it can raise the PH level than higher than 7, which can make the water a best condition to clean the clothes. And along with the negative ion and far infrared beads, it creates a cleaning experience as good as or even better than any detergent in the market today, without any chemical!
What is in the laundry ball?
More than 80 kinds of natural minerals in the ceramic pellets, they can create a best condition to clean the clothes. And with the friction the ball itself give, it can make the clothes clean naturally.
How to use the Laundry Ball?
Just place this laundry ball in any washing machine. And it will do everything.
For stubborn stains, pre-treat the clothes with your stain remover. (is not included into the package)
For clothes have bad smell such as socks, underpants etc. you'd better use a fifth of your standard washing powder to get rid of these bad smells.
Use 1 ball when the clothes are below 5kgs, and 2 balls more than 5 kgs.
Better take out the ball after the washing, dry them naturally in the sun.
Clean the ball every 30 days by drying it under sun for 2 hours.
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