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Love by the Book

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Self-confessed romantic Emma runs a boutique bookstore and it is her pride and joy. She's excited when her business partner Frank brings his son, Eric, to the store to shadow her at work for a couple of weeks. However, the two clash immediately as Eric suggests ways to improve the store that Emma feels are unnecessary.

A welcome distraction arrives in the form of Landon, a handsome and charming customer who sweeps Emma off her feet. Just when it looks as though Emma will finally get her fairytale ending, her bubble bursts she discovers Eric's real reason for hanging around is that he specializes in saving businesses in crisis. Emma realizes her store is failing and she's about to lose it.

While Landon is happy to have fun with Emma he has no interest in hearing about her "boring work stuff." On the other hand, Eric is determined to help Emma rescue the store. She realizes that what she needs in a man is very different from the fairytale she thought she wanted.


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