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  3. Review of Trip.com – View Trip.com, Prices, Features

Review of Trip.com – View Trip.com, Prices, Features

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Review of trip.com trip.com

Available to Book:Flights, hotels, cars, cruises, vacation packages and activities
Best for: Families or vacationers with a departure date at least six weeks away
Competitive Pricing*: 86
Loyalty Program:Yes
Search Filters: 86
Mobile App: iPhone, Android, Windows

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Bottom Line

Overall, Ctrip has been around for years and use to have a solid reputation for trips to, from and throughout China.

Full Review

Ctrip is a Chinese provider of travel services including accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management. english.Ctrip.com has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month Hotels & Flights Deal,More Savings,Book Today!
Ctrip Cheap Flights, Hotels, Vacation Packages, Trains

You can find low prices with a good number of exclusive discounts for your travel needs, but just make sure you understand the pros and cons by reading the Ctrip reviews and experiences from other customers below

Rewards Program

Perhaps the most interesting fact of all? C Trip has its own points program! Now, it still looks a bit wonky since you can redeem points for everything from a Dairy Queen ice cream cake (no joke, for 20,000 points!) to suitcases to free airline tickets (starting at 150,000 points) and hotel rooms (starting at 100,000 points), but at least it's a good start. Here are the rules:

Earning Points:

Every time you book with Ctrip online or by phone, you earn Ctrip Points which can be redeemed for great rewards, from free hotels stays and domestic flights to mobile phones and tour packages. Check our FAQ for details on how Ctrip Points are accumulated.

Those who are signed up with Expedia+ and Expedia+ Business are able to earn points whenever they book that can go towards purchasing later flights, hotels, packages and activities. Another option for Expedia+ members is to use their points to donate to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Booking Process

1. All rewards are subject to availability and we often update our reward selection. Ctrip must confirm all reward requests.

2. All rewards must be sent to addresses within mainland China.

3. You can check out the latest reward online at Ctrip's English site, but at present you cannot redeem points for rewards on the English site. There are three ways to redeem your points:

Go to the Ctrip Chinese website to redeem online.
Fax a copy of your passport to (86 21) 5218 9126. Include your Ctrip user ID, a request for the reward you want, and how many points you would like to redeem. For delivery, please provide your complete address in Chinese characters, the receiver's name, mobile phone number and email address. Email a scanned copy of the account-holder's passport to eservice@ctrip.com Include the receiver's name, account name, Ctrip user ID, reward request, complete address in Chinese characters and mobile number.
4. If you have any problems with your reward or the redemption process, please contact Ctrip at 400 820 6666 (Mainland China).

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